Puesta de Sol en Velero - Coruña

Sailboat Rental in Rías Baixas and Coruna:

- Sunset at Sea -

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Sailing the "Solpor"

"Solpor" is the Galician word for sunset, which here in Galicia is the latest in the Iberian Peninsula.

The Atlantic "sunpor" amazes us with the colors of the sunset as we sail the waters of the Coruna estuary. This magical moment of the day day, when the wind and the sea calm down, and the golden light of the sunset tempers the atmosphere with its warm tones.

Waiting for the sunset, we sail through the estuary towards a well protected cove.

There, in front of the the beach, we dropped the anchor of our sailboat, and marvel at the sunset, and toast together to the beauty that this world offers to us.

Later, with the last lights of day, we return to port.

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Puesta de sol en velero en Coruña

Sailing Trip: Sunset at Sea - Rias Baixas or Coruna

When? In Summer, from Monday to Thursday. Rest of the year, Saturdays and Sundays.

Where? In Summer, from Combarro - Ría de Pontevedra. Rest of the year from Corunna

Schedule? We set sails two hours before sunset. Consult with us according to dates. Duration: 2 hours

Included? Soft drink, glass of wine or beer, and an aperitif with nuts, chips and olives.

How Much? 290 euros Complete Boat.

Maximum Group? 6 people.

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Puesta del Sol en Velero - Coruña

Notes to be kept in mind in this Sailing Day Trip

Included in the Sailing Trip "Sunset at Sea":

-Navigation on our Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 423 Clipper 42 foot long, according to the programme.


-Mooring Fees in Base Port.

-A drink and a aperitif while the boat is anchored in the beach (water, soft drink, glass of wine or beer, and an aperitif with nuts, chips and olives).



The sunset time changes from day to day throughout the year. Therefore, we modify the departure times month by month so that the time dedicated to the aperitif while we are anchored on the beach coincides with the sunset time.

We set sail approximately one hour and a half before sunset and return to port half an hour later. Thus, the experience lasts approximately 2 hours.

Maximum Group:

The length of our sailboat is 13 meters. Due to its size and displacement (capacity) it is enabled to sail with 12 people on board. However, we have always thought that less is more, and therefore, for greater comfort and safety for everyone on the boat, in this sailing experience we limit the groups to a maximum of 6 people.

Personal Equipment:

- It is essential to use nautical type footwear or white or very light rubber soles (sports shoes with white or light rubber soles are also valid). Footwear with black sole or rubber cannot be used on the boat. And of course, the heels neither.

-Bring clothes according to the weather forecast for the day of the Sailing Trip. Keep in mind, that for better or for worse, at sea is always cooler than on land.

Additional Important Information:

Please, for more information, consult the LIFE ON BOARD section in the menu of our website, where you will find many answers to your most common questions.

* In rentals of less than 24 hours, in which you do not spend the night on the boat, the use of the cabins is not allowed.

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